Here we are, at the start of a brand new year; you’re probably wondering what happens next right? Well, for most, it beckons the cry for resolutions. Resolutions that will rattle off like an old to-do list, only to find that by day four, what once was THE answer to greatness, has been diminished to a crumbled piece of nothingness. This time, it HAS to be different.

No more denial, no more delaying, no more crying, no more swaying back and forth, forth and back like a pendulum. No, it cannot play out like a warped 45, skipping tracks, and skidding across the vinyl. No, not this time… it HAS to be different. This year, there must be a solid yes to everything there is to do. No longer can there be that lingering hesitation as to whether or not you head to the gym, cut down on sweets, or even take the much needed mental health day off from work. There must be a deliberate decisiveness in your actions this year.

When the clock struck midnight, the doors were opened to a new season, a new year, and yet crossing over did not look the same for everyone. You had those who ran across the threshold, eager for to engage the new year with vigor, for they know that THIS is THE year for greatness! There were those who stumbled over, wishing that they had just one more second to finally “get things right.” And then, there were those who had to be dragged across the threshold, gripped by fear, holding on to yesterday for dear life; not wanting to know what was next all the while wondering about tomorrow. This year things MUST be different.

You are on a new path for a new journey awaits. No dead ends or pit stops, no u-turns or road closures. You are on a new path for a new journey awaits. No turning back to yesteryear, for it is no more. You are on a new path and a new journey. Stale resolutions and drive void of discipline cannot be the norm any longer!! The journey begins and this time, it MUST be different!