We have to find ourselves in a place where we are comfortable with certain things and uncomfortable with other things and recently I had an opportunity to think on what I was doing. When you find that you are someone who gives and gives and gives and gives and you give with no expectation, you give with no strings attached, you give with no hidden agenda, you give with no ulterior motives and yet in your giving, and your giving and yet still giving, you hit the point or in my case you hit a wall that says enough is enough. And with that hitting that brick wall and coming snack dab with what is good and just and right and even for you what you want to desire to do and be for others, there has to come a point and time where you come to that place of “NOing”. Some might say that it is a place of reckoning, a place of resolve, even an awakening but for me it was a place of NOing. NOing that it’s okay to say no to some things and NOing that it’s okay to say no to some people. And even moreso being okay NOing that it’s okay to say no to some causes. Yes, even causes because sometimes the very things that we stand up for and the very people that we stand up for and the very issues that we stand up for are the very things that are calling us to fall smack dab on our face. And we have to know that NOing to say to no and NOing when to say no and NOing that it’s okay to say no is just that, okay. And while it may not be okay for the recipient of the no it has to be okay for the deliverer and giver of the no. Because if we don’t, if we don’t know when to say no, our lack of no’s can lead us to a place of unNOing, and that unNOing becomes a place of not growing, and not growing becomes a place of stagnancy and stagnancy becomes complacent and complacency becomes mundane and mundane becomes frustration and frustration becomes the point where we turn our backs on the very purpose and lives and causes and things that we once lived for. And so being okay with saying no must become the new yes in this season. And being okay with NOing has to be just that O-K. And so yes, we must understand and we must get to that place and we must realize and the reckoning must come where NOing when to say no is okay.